3 Best Workout Headphones on the Market

Greg Glassman is a man whose legacy remains embedded in the hearts of many CrossFit enthusiasts. He developed CrossFit; an intense workout program which focuses on functional movements such as gymnastics, running, weightlifting, rowing, etc. Not to mention the sportswear designed specifically for CrossFit.

Remaining in CrossFit calls for determination and good music or inspirational podcasts can add to your endurance levels. Though a few people are against music while working out, To each man his own. Music plays many roles in your workout.

  • Since workout is tiring, feel-good music diverts attention from fatigue gained and into the pleasure of music. Music suppresses negativity which may not be the case with a high-intensity workout because pain supersedes music’s enjoyment.
  • Acts as a stimulant hence excitement and positive emotions which leads to energy buildup
  • Synchronous music assists those working out in energy control. When music is in sync with body movements, it saves 7% energy in athletes, runners, that skiing, and rowing too.
  • Rhythm in music enhances motor skills since the body follows and produces its rhythms.
  • With music, CrossFit become more fluid since an individual has full concentration and inbuilt motivation which increases endurance capacity.

Whether music serves any meaningful purpose in your workout or not, is dependent on the quality of your headphones. A majority of people who take CrossFit seriously, do not care the quality, features, and brand of headphones. To them the cheaper the headphone, the better.

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Before purchasing workout headphones, consider the following factors:

  • The quality of sound produced; always check to see that you like the pitch and quality of sound. Does the sound signature of the headphones appeal to you?
  • The comfort offered and how well they fit, otherwise they will be a nuisance in your exercise routine.
  • The full size of the bud type? While full size may fit more securely, earbuds are lighter in weight.
  • Corded or not corded. Purchase wireless headphones since they will not tangle on the bike, treadmill, etc. This will also increase the comfort and easiness while using them.
  • Durability, most headphones cannot stand the constant sweat thus the ear padding wears out so fast. Settle on headphones with replaceable ear pads.
  • If you must answer to calls while working out, can the headphones sync with your mobile phones to allow you to respond without interruptions? Pay close attention to the inbuilt systemof the headphones to ensure they support it.
  • Don’t break the bank to order workout headphones. Consider affordability.

CrossFit can be fun with the right tools in place. So let’s check 3 best workout headphones on the market.

3 Best Workout Headphones

1. Samsung Gear IconX

Designed with athletes in mind this wireless, in-ear headphone comes with 4Gb internal capacity. This memory can carry more tunes and podcasts than you will care to listen in a day’s session. Samsung gear iconX fits comfortably in the ears giving you the much-needed concentration. Its battery life lasts more than five hours and the portability of its charging case makes it the best sports headphones.

On the downside, Samsung Gear IconX is not sweat-proof, and the precision of its touch control system can be inaccurate most often.

2. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Unlike Samsung Gear IconX, Jabra headphone withstands sweat better. Jabra is wireless saving you the many hooks to the sports equipment. Its control scheme is way better, fitted with buttons rather than the touch-sensitive system which makes it easier to operate. You can customize Jabra’s sound.

Jabra Elite Active 65t has a beautiful casing despite its bigger earbuds which may not suit every sportsperson’s ear. If you lack enough discipline, it’ll tempt you into watching videos while on the workout.

3. Anker Soundcore Spirit X

Last on the list is Anker Soundcore Spirit X. Anker headphones though being in-ear headphone it doesn’t go deep into the ear canal. Of the three, it is corded making it less portable. The two earbuds connected by a cable may snag and tangle with the surrounding environment.

Its batteries are more reliable and can last 12 hours. Like the other two, it doesn’t filter noise. And it has poor sound quality though with excellent bass and is pocket-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Transform your workout by the inclusion of music through headphones and mark improvement in performance and resistance levels. Reward yourself with one of these 3 best workout headphones on the market.

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