3 Workplace Safety Tips

Workplace safety tips

Approximately, seven million people are injured on the job every year. Carefully following workplace safety precautions can lower the chance that you will be one of them. Keep these three workplace safety tips in mind.

1. Wear Protective Gear

If you work with chemicals, irritants, sharp objects, or other potentially hazardous materials, it is important to wear the correct safety gear for your job. Hardhats should be worn to protect workers from potential blows to the head. Safety goggles can protect the eyes from dangerous chemicals, dust, flying objects and other hazards. Work safety gloves protect the hands from burns, cuts, scrapes and other dangers. Masks can protect from substances that could irritate or harm the lungs, and infectious disease transmission, such as COVID-19. Check with your supervisor or workplace safety officer for a list of protective gear you should wear on the job.

2. Do Not Work Tired

It can be tempting to try to push your way through a job to collect overtime pay, or simply finish your work so that you can go home. However, working while excessively tired can affect your concentration, reflexes and decision-making ability, which can lead to an accident. Try to get adequate sleep before going to work and seek treatment for any conditions, such as sleep apnea or insomnia, that may be affecting your sleep quality. Take a break when you need one. Most states have labor laws governing the amount of break time your employer is required to provide you.

3. Use Lifting Aids

It may seem easier to just heave that heavy bag over your shoulder, but your body may not thank you for it. Take advantage of forklifts, dollys and other tools that make moving heavy loads easier.

Millions of people lose income and sometimes even suffer permanent physical damage due to workplace injuries every year. These three safety tips can help you avoid the consequences of being one of them.

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