4 Sure-Fire Ways to Engage Customers In Important Conversations

To build trust and loyalty among your customers, you have to be constantly connected and engaged with them. Of course, email and social media marketing have become the perfect medium to engage and have important conversations with your customers. But as we all know, to make any conversation important, it has to be a two-way communication and simply sending an occasional e-newsletter or social media post will not make a big impact, especially the way you expected it to be. Instead you will need to have a truthful conversation like those face to face ones you’ve been having your whole life.

Below we have mentioned some ways that will help you as a business owner to connect with your customers no matter which industry you are currently in.

1. Spread the word

To have a natural conversation, you can just start with the news of the day. By this we mean you can share your industry specific news or ideas that are intriguing, informative and totally entertaining. If you can do this, you are already one step ahead of your competition.

Now, how do you share your industry specific news? The answer is right there – stay connected with leaders from your industry on social media channels. Follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their blogs, like their page on Facebook, listen to their podcasts and keep an eye on the videos posted by them.

2. Get some recommendations

A simple way through which business owners can initiate conversations with customers is by asking them questions. For example, on your social media page you can ask your followers for recommendations on few options, such as:

  •       Product improvisation
  •       App updates that they want
  •       Podcasts
  •       Industry specific leaders they can suggest to follow
  •       Marketing tips
  •       New campaigns

Every comment you get on your posts can help you further with your conversation and you can also get some tips and tricks to make your business grow. Try to respond to every comment as that will not only help your followers to stay connected to you, but also make them feel that their opinion is appreciated. In this way you can gain more insight on the likes and dislikes, thoughts and behaviours of your audience.

3. Relieve their pain

A person will feel more connected to you if you could solve their problem. But how do you solve your customers’ issues? Simply ask them “What’s bothering you?” and you’ll be all set to strike a great conversation. Though, depending upon your industry, the way you frame that question will also make an impact on customers. And, now that you have asked them it’s time to be a good listener and pay attention to all the problems they might be facing with your service or product.

The conversation here may turn a bit nasty, so keep your cool and offer them practical advice or solutions so that they can utilise your product or service in a better way. Or else you can also look into their problem and take necessary actions, as their satisfaction is your priority.

4. Host events

As a company, the best way to have a healthy engagement with your customers will to be host a fun and exciting event. Send across e-newsletters and post on your social media pages that you are holding an event at so and so place and time.

Build hype amongst your customers by showing them the number of people who have sent their RSVP. At the time of event, create more hype by going live either on Instagram or Facebook and let the absentees know what a great day they are missing. Also, you can arrange a Q & A session to solve some common problems, have delicious food to fill their bellies, fun games to keep them entertained throughout the event. And at last, give everyone souvenirs like branded pens, T-shirts, a framed group photo or some discount coupons for their next purchase.

Having an active conversation with your customers on both online and offline platforms will help you make your business successful in the long run. The customers will develop a more personal connect with your brand only if you maintain a healthy relationship with them. The more you are acting on the changes and suggestions given by customers the more they will be loyal towards your brand, in turn leading you to more customers. So, take the above given tips in stride, engage with customers on a frequent basis by having good conversations and build a stronger relationship.

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