5 Great Design Solutions For Small Bathrooms

Living in the modern world leaves its mark even on our living spaces.

Since the majority of time is spent at work, there is practically no reason for homes to be enormously spacious and unnecessarily large. Especially when it comes to small apartments, the need for a quiet and compact apartments is long present. The layout of a home usually means making it appropriate for its inhabitants, and this can be reflected on living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

If you are living in one such cosy apartment – with small rooms and an obvious lack of space – keep reading and follow these great design solutions that will help you use what you have and make your small bathroom look as if from a magazine cover.

Solution #1: Integrated bathroom

The modern style of living dictates for people to adapt to things that surround them. This includes even integrating more than one room, for example – a living room with a kitchen, or a bedroom with a bathroom. Oftentimes, bathrooms fit perfectly with the needs of bedrooms due to their functionality, and this way more space can be used at once. Besides, it is not like all your guests are going to use your master bathroom. If you like the idea of having an integrated bathroom, you can save space by simply breaking down the wall between it and the bedroom, making a practical room that will save up your space.

Solution #2: Mirrors enlarge space

This design trick is as old as time. It is well known that you can make almost any room appear larger than it is with the help of mirrors. Mirrors create an illusion of a larger space since they visually enhance the space, add light to the room and maximize depth. It simply works on the principle of reflection – the bigger the mirror, the greater the illusion. This, thus, means that you should add mirrors everywhere – not only should you cover the walls with them, but doors and even the cabinets and the shower!

Solution #3: Think of functionality

Instead of viewing things from a purely aesthetic perspective, start thinking about their utility. For example, having a bath tub in a small bathroom would be a luxury because it would take up too much space. This would require doing a complete water installations and plumbing overhaul, so calling your local dial up plumbing professionals would solve a lot of problems for you.

Solution #4: Hang everything

The best solution for small bathrooms would be to mount everything on walls. Floor shelves take up a lot of space, whereas walls stay empty, and this should be changed. Use empty space in the shower and above the toilet by hanging wall shells and adding pockets for towels and other things you need. Creative storage solutions are everything you need, so you can try adding cabinets onto walls, where you can keep all your toiletries and extra towels, and would hide them away from unwanted looks.

Solution #5: Unclutter

Cleaning up the mess would also help in enlarging the space. Messy rooms look more crowded than they usually are, so cleaning up things you no longer need would make the space look more organised and appear bigger. If you do need all those things, try organising them differently. Using boxes for arranging make-up, jewellery and cosmetic products would be a good way to start the clean up.

Human creativity can be activated only in extreme situations, when it is required of one to think outside of the box. If these five solutions are not the only thing that can help in improving small bathrooms, do share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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