5 Style Tips For Young Professional Women

Leaving school and starting a career can be really stressful, if challenging. You have a chance to show what you have learned and how talented and ambitious you are. Nevertheless, going from casual outfits which were acceptable at faculty all the way to strictly business and professional is a transfer that can be as stressful as the job itself. Knowing how to dress for your new job can help you adjust more quickly and feel confident enough to focus on what is important.

1. Office Hairstyles

Your hairstyle should reflect your professionalism and dedication; this is why businesswomen all over the world prefer to wear medium bob or keep their hair in a simple bun at the base of their necks. In addition to looking professional, these hairstyles are also very easy to maintain and do every morning. For those who take pride in their long and shiny hair, plaits are the best choice: French, Dutch, simple three strand or intricate fishtail – they all look good and discreetly complete your style.

2. Skirts

It is important to know which skirts look best on you based on your body type. Pencil skirts for those who are slim and like to show off their well-shaped body, and for those who would like to hide a few imperfections, high waisted work skirts and A-line skirts are the best choice. What is important to remember is that skirts that are too much above your knees are simply not acceptable in an office. A respectable and appropriate length is just below your knee, that way even if you bend low and lit with your legs crossed you don’t risk revealing too much.

3. Business Head-to-toe

Every businesswoman had to have at least one full suit, and if you can pick two where one will have pants and the other one a skirt. When creating your own business professional look the safest choice would be to go with everlasting elegant colours: black, grey, and navy, followed by a white shirt. Of course if you would like to add come colour it’s fine, but keep in mind that colours that are just too bright belong at a festival, not an office. White shirts are the most convenient and conventional for combining and pairing up, just make sure that they are not too transparent, or you risk looking a bit too casual.

4. Shoes

Any professional woman should have at least one pair of well-made, high quality leather shoes, and it is recommendable that you have more than one, otherwise you risk to have them worn out too soon. They should be formal enough for you to work in them, but still comfortable enough to spend the entire day wearing them without too much trouble. Luckily, flats are as acceptable as heels, and heels should not be higher than 3 inches to keep comfort and maintain professionalism.

5. Accessories

Less is more is a rule generally applied when it comes to accessories. Your jewellery should be discreet and elegant: a simple necklace, a nice cocktail ring and matching earrings. Statement necklaces are a big hit these past months, and they can look beautiful when paired up with the right makeup and purse, but this generally means that you will not add big earrings and many rings to your outfit when you’re wearing it.

While it may be difficult to find a style that both suits you and satisfies your company’s requirements. Nevertheless, if you manage to find balance between strict professionalism and your personal style, you will manage to look goof and feel good in your work clothes, and that is what is actually important.

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