6 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Home Carpet’s New Look

Carpets are a favorite when it comes to flooring and it’s for good reason.

Carpets are available in so many textures and colors that it’s hard not to go for a great quality carpet over a wooden floor. Plus, the fabric adds warmth to the rooms it’s laid down in.

But if you have decided to go for a fresh, new carpet, your main concern may be its maintenance. Although it isn’t necessarily difficult keeping new carpet in great shape, it does take some getting used to. Here is what you need to know:

Avoid High-traffic areas

It’s important to consider the parts of the house that have the most footfalls when trying to pick a carpet. Avoid laying down carpet on spots where you know there is bound to be heavy footfall. Carpets are ideally meant for bedrooms, living rooms and dens, not for door entryways.

Wipe your feet

This may seem like the most obvious solution to keeping your carpets fresh, but it needs mentioning. Keep your feet as clean and tidy as possible. The more you can avoid dirt and debris buildup on the carpet, the better it will look for longer.

Vacuum the carpets regularly

Another very straight forward way to keep carpets well-maintained. Vacuums are designed specifically to make carpets cleaner and this helps to prolong the life of almost any material used in modern carpets. Try to go for a well-suited vacuum cleaner and diligently clean the floors at regular intervals, like a few days or so.

Protect them

If you can, start by getting stain-resistant carpets for your house. But in case you haven’t got stain free carpets, try to get a regular carpet protection spray from your local supermarket. Test the spray on a small portion of your carpet to see if it cleans properly and also to judge the way the spray affects it. These sprays are designed to avoid wear and tear over the long-term and also to prevent dullness.

Remove spots and stains as quickly as you can

No matter how much you ask your guests or kids to avoid wearing shoes at home, there is still a chance you may get spots or stains on them. This is pretty much inevitable, but even if it does happen, much of the carpet can be rescued if you only attend to the spot early enough. Keep your house well stocked with some great cleaning solutions and rush to the spot where a stain appears. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it’ll be to remove later.

Hire a professional

There are something’s best left to the professionals. Repairs and thorough deep cleaning aren’t really easy to do by yourself at home, so research to find the best carpet cleaning service in your area. Also look for additional offers if you can

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