8 Smart Under the Bed Storage Ideas Worth Considering

Looking for additional storage space in your home? Start by looking underneath your bed. If that space is empty, you might have just stumbled upon a great storage space to stash away miscellaneous items. But, first make sure that the area under your bed is dry, convenient and temperature controlled.

The space under your bed provides you with an efficient, smart and cost effective storage option, one that is often underutilised. These tips can help you transform the space beneath your bed into the most ideal storage space:

1. Make Use Of Storage Containers That Are Lying Around In Your Home

You might already have the following storage boxes in your home and should consider using them:

  • Boot or shoe boxes
  • Tote boxes
  • Wicker woven Baskets
  • A cardboard box without top flaps
  • Canvas covered boxes

For a professional finish, add a cedar plywood piece at the base of each bin that contains clothing. This will not just add a pleasant smell to the container, but also deter moths

2. Modify Your Old Dresser Drawer Into A Rolling Storage Drawer

You can buy or build drawers that are specifically tailored for the lower portion of your bed with the inclusion of wheels. Or you could fashion one yourself through an old dresser drawer. Take accurate measurements to ensure that the drawer fits under your bed. Later on you can buy casters for the bottom.

3. Add Wheels To Old Suitcases

Now, if you don’t possess a drawer that can be repurposed as a below-the-bed container, you could look to convert old suitcases into a sealed under the bed storage option. Easier access can be provided with the help of wheels or furniture sliders.

4. Buy A Bed With Built-In Storage Capacity

Many firms sell beds that have been built to store extra items. The big advantage of such beds is that you maximise the use of every square inch of usable space available. Alternatively, a bed frame with cubbies built in can also be a great option to store away many items.

5. Transform An Old Bookshelf Into The Most Ideal Storage Option

This DIY idea is essentially similar in concept to a drawer. If you own a narrow and old bookshelf, you can repurpose it as a storage option by turning it to one side and then adding wheels at the bottom. The shelves in your old bookshelf will act as cubbies where you can store away many items.

6. Label Thin And Long Clear Plastic Totes

Clear plastic totes are a great under the bed storage option, seeing as it is not very likely that you will forget what you have stored in it. Buy enough tote boxes to cover the length of your bed, stack them together and store similar items in each box.

7. Use Vacuum-Sealed Plastic Bags To Store Bulky Linens

Linens can often be the abode of many undesired pests and therefore you should ideally look to store these items in containers that are sealed off. In order to maximise the space available, you should give consideration to putting in extra linen sets inside the plastic bags, so that it is possible for you to vacuum the air out.

8. Jumbo Under Bed Bags

While plastic bags or bins can act as a highly effective storage option, bags are another option worth considering especially for storing items like bed linens or clothes. Jumbo bags provide the right amount of room under your bed as it is usually about 6 inches in height, while still providing plenty of width for you to store away all of your sweaters. Opt for a bag that is dirt and dust repellent, so that your clothes remain clean and dry in them. Also, look for bags that provide a clear top (preferably made of vinyl) so that you can easily locate items when you need them.

If you are looking to stash away items that are used regularly, your under the bed storage option does not necessarily need a lid or cover. However, it is important to ensure that your bed remains clean and free of undesired pests. An open-under-the bed storage option can be a haven for bedbugs and dust mites. So take proper measures to avoid facing this common problem.

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