9 Tips to Get Back to Working Out

Tips to Get Back to Working Out

If you ask gym rats what the worst feeling in the world is, they would definitely say deterring from their super strict routine because it’s so hard to get back on the horse once you’ve fallen off. For avid gym-goers, nothing is worse than missing a workout for a day, which eventually turns into days and later into weeks.

We don’t want it either. We understand that you did not do it intentionally, it might have happened due to a friend’s birthday bash, work commitments, or a muscle tear which made you take bed rest for months. But the question here is what can get you back to your workout routine?

Don’t worry! We are not here to punish you for missing out your workout. Here’s what you can do to get back to your gym routine.

1. Starting With Basics

One of the most important things to remember when you are getting back to something is to have patience. Start with the basics and something easy. You have done advance workouts, but remember that you are not up to that level as of now, so don’t be ashamed to start again. As you are getting back, we recommend doing some stretches and running to make your muscles free.

2. Committing Five Minutes

If you think that you are not able to hold your grounds for extended time, cut down on your duration. Even sweating out for five minutes in a day can make you feel that you are contributing something towards yourself. This could help in managing hormonal imbalance in men.

3. The Feel Of A Good Workout

The pain is going to kick in and it’s going to stay there for a few days. So when this happens, don’t give up. Remember your training from initial days. You have swum in these waters before and you know what it tastes like. It will pain now, but it will definitely leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.

4. Making A Schedule

If you are committed towards your goal of getting back in shape, clear your mind and sit down to plan your week ahead in advance. Make a list of important things you have to do while being committed towards your body.

For example, if you have a party to attend in the evening, get up an hour early in the morning to do your workout. If a morning workout is not possible, strike off something that’s not important from your schedule later and go ahead with workout.

5. Preparing For Stuffs In Advance

The secret of getting back to something is that you need to stay one step ahead. So, now that you have made a schedule, take action towards it by preparing for it.

Keep your gym clothes ready for the next day along with your gym bag, deodorant, clean pair of shoes and a napkin.

So when your alarm goes off the next morning, you don’t have to fumble through your stuff. Once you are back from a great workout, make sure that fresh towels are ready and are warming up on a towel radiator to dry you off after a refreshing bath.

6. Accept A Challenge

You have seen people doing those 30 days challenge and posting the results on Instagram and now you are left wondering, whether it will work out for you or not. Well, why not give it a try and find it out for yourself? Start with an easy challenge that you think you can accomplish and as you gain more confidence look out for difficult challenges and accomplish the hell out of them.

7. Call A Friend

If you still don’t have  the confidence that you can lift those weights, don’t feel low. Call a friend you know will be supportive and tell them that you are getting back to lifting weights. Let them know that you need them with you. Not only will they be glad to come help but they will also motivate you to get back in shape by being there for you.

8. Do Something Different

Working out every day is great, but even our body gets bored of following a routine. So look for other options that get your body warmed up and ready for the pain and soreness from your workouts. Cleaning your house, playing a sport or just ditching your bike and taking a mile long walk can rejuvenate you with a new energy.

9. It’s You Vs You  

Remember you are working out to make yourself a better person than you were yesterday. Your competition is not with that buffed up dude who lifts the heaviest weights or with that noob who joined the gym a month ago; your competition is with just you. Try to outsmart and outwit yourself by making minor improvements daily. The daily small changes can lead to a big change in your life.

At the end we would like to tell you that the strength you are looking for will not come to you overnight, but over a period of time instead. Be patient, work hard and most importantly, stay consistent with your routine. Remember, if you stay true to the grind, the grind will stay true to you!

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