Alleviating Some Of The Strain By Hiring Probate Solicitors

Losing someone, whether expected or unexpected, can cause a tremendous amount of upset and distress. Dealing with grief is one thing, but taking on any legal obligation is another level. The strain of trying to juggle emotions whilst sustaining a level business-like head can be overwhelming and therefore hiring a solicitor to take on the legal affairs would be putting the situation in the safest hands. Probate solicitors Portsmouth are there to support and guide you whilst taking charge of the situation. As they can remain level-headed throughout and handle the legal affairs, it allows the loved ones to grieve with little thought of the legal tick boxes.

A quick resolution?

When an individual dies it can be all too easy to underestimate the legality of it all. Dealing with the affairs of the deceased is not only time consuming, but can be very complex, as there are a variety of regulations and processes to go through. On top of all this is the need to understand the legal jargon and have a level of understanding of the task ahead. Studying all this can take years and therefore finding an expert in the field is much more realistic and can help alleviate the stress and reduce the resolution time.

Things to consider when choosing the solicitor

Experience within the relevant field of law, knowledgeable and approachable, highly recommended. These are all things that need to filter into the process when considering which solicitor to hire. Steering relatives and friends through this difficult time requires understanding and empathy whilst ensuring that the necessary processes are carried out. Hiring a level-headed but sympathetic solicitor is therefore essential and can help alleviate any additional stresses that may fall on those closest to the deceased. On top of this, the legal support system needs to be someone that you can all put your trust in and turn to for advice when needed.

A high fee does not necessarily mean an expert in the field and therefore researching the individual solicitor and law firm can help narrow down the choices.

The probate process

When an individual passes, leaving an estate larger than ten thousand pounds, the probate process will most likely need to be triggered. If the estate is jointly owned then this will not be necessary, but where the deceased was the sole owner, a series of legal affairs from possessions to finances to investments will need to be addressed. Any other assets which may have been obtained will need to be collated and catalogued.

It may be that a grant of representation needs to be attained and therefore an application to the high courts would need to be made so as to appoint executors to oversee the entire process. A domino style process then begins to come into play. Organisations including banks and pension schemes need to all be informed of the death. The funds are collated into one single place and then the probate solicitor will work through the probate process. Leaving it to the experts ensures that all aspects of the deceased’s life are carefully considered and nothing left unturned.

Once everything has been collated, a grant of probate will be requested and once granted, the executors are able to distribute the estate as per the deceased’s wishes.

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