Can Divorce Solicitors In Guildford Help You?

Can Divorce Solicitors In Guildford Help You

Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult for you as an individual. There will be things that you don’t completely understand, as well as the added distress that comes with any major event. You don’t have to go through these proceedings on your own, however, as divorce solicitors in Guildford are ready and waiting with experience and knowledge to help guide you every step of the way. Each divorce has its own set of circumstances and there can be many factors to include, especially if there are children involved and financial decisions to be made. The best way to get on top of the proceedings is to make sure you understand what is to come and the options you have, which is exactly what a solicitor is there to help with.

Divorce petition

There are many options when it comes to your divorce proceedings, including doing the paperwork yourself or getting help from a solicitor. You need to have all the information before making such big decisions, and having your options laid out for you can be a huge help. The whole procedure begins with the divorce petition. Whoever decides to be the petitioner will have to issue the petition based on a variety of circumstances. The first includes your partner committing adultery and you being unable to live with them, the next is your partner behaving in a way that makes it intolerable for you to be together and the third includes your spouse deserting you for a long period of time. These aren’t your only options, though. The fourth circumstance dictates that you and your spouse have been living apart for more than two years and they agree to the divorce, compared to the fifth that says that even if your partner disagrees, proof that you have been living apart for five years is enough reason to file the petition.

The procedure

The last thing you want to be during this time is confused. Having a solicitor by your side to explain all the procedures in depth will be extremely beneficial, just as having someone guide you in your decision making will be. Your solicitor will always be on your side and will have your best interests at heart. After the petition has been issued, the other party must complete an acknowledgment of service and return it to the court. From there, papers will be created to move onto the next step, known as the decree nisi. After six weeks and one day have passed from the decree nisi being announced, you can then apply for the decree absolute, which after acceptance will mean that you are officially divorced. This will only make it so that you are legally separated from your partner and does not pertain to children or financial agreements.


When children are involved in divorced cases, it is important that you trust your solicitor to put your children and their interests at the centre of all the decisions being made. Attending mediation sessions with the advice of your solicitor will allow you to make decisions regarding your children and even financial issues in a controlled and safe space.

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