Different Types of Guns That Marksmen Use

Have you been interested in learning more about the types of guns that marksmen use? People shoot firearms for many different purposes, and use various weapons for their craft. Firearms are used for hunting game, skeet shooting, competition shooting, and for working as a police officer.


Pistols usually have one stationary cylinder from where the bullets are fired. These guns typically use a magazine to hold rounds. The magazine is then inserted into the pistol. There are many different sizes and calibers of these types of handguns. Many specialty weapons are made for specific types of tasks like competition handguns.


Revolvers have been around for hundreds of years. They work with a rotating cylinder that has multiple chambers. The bullets are stored in this cylinder, and when fired, the shell casing stays in the chamber. Revolvers are known for being trusty weapons, but they aren’t as efficient as semi-automatic pistols.


A rifle is a long gun with a barrel designed for long-distance accuracy. Rifles are commonly used for hunting because of their ability to hit with precision from a great distance. The inside of the barrel has a helical pattern of grooves that helps the bullet spin faster.


Shotguns are also long-barrelled guns like rifles, but they differ greatly in the type of ammunition they use. Shotguns hold large cartridges that are filled with tiny pellets that spread out after the gun has been fired. The size and shape of the pellets inside the cartridges vary based on your preference. When hunting different game, you choose your ammunition based on the size of the animal you’re looking to kill.

The world of firearms is very fascinating. Over time, weapons have evolved a great deal from their intial origins. The newest models available on the market today are impressive.

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