Does Your Hair Feel Greasy? This Could Be Why

Are you sick of washing your hair every morning due to the greasiness that you can feel every time you run your hands through it? You aren’t alone, but then how do you get down to the very root of the issue? If you’re tired of battling the problem, it’s time to work out why your hair is getting so greasy. Here are just some of the possible causes.

Are You Touching Your Hair Too Much?

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If you’re always touching your hair, there’s a good chance that this could be causing your grease problem. Whatever the reason you’re fiddling with your locks, your fingertips will be transferring oil onto the strands and causing them to look lank and greasy.

Are You Washing Too Much?

You’re washing your hair every day to combat the grease problem, but actually that might be causing the problem too. Shampooing every day often strips the scalp from the natural oils which it should have as a protective covering. Therefore, it carries on producing more to try to replace what it’s lost. As a result your hair becomes greasy. Try only washing your hair every couple of days or just a couple of times per week. You might hate it at first, but eventually you’ll see the benefits.

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Are You Conditioning Too Much?

We all like applying conditioner to our hair and feeling the lovely silky sensation of easy to manage locks. However, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right type of conditioner for you. If you choose one which is wrong, it may be too heavy to use on your type of hair. That could result in it being weighed down and getting too greasy. Another possibility is that you aren’t washing the conditioner away properly after application. This too makes your hair look greasy. You should only apply condition to the tips of your hair strands rather than the roots and this will guard against lankness and grease.

Are You Brushing Too Much?

You want your hair to look sleek and attractive, but if you brush too often, there’s a possibility that your grease problem could be caused by over-brushing. Brushing frequently stimulates your scalp to produce more oil. At first you hair will look wonderfully glossy, but before long, it’ll just give way to grease. If your hair is looking messy, just brush the ends to keep them detangled.

Are You Using A Dirty Hairbrush?

Unfortunately, your hairbrush could be harbouring some serious unpleasant stuff. Stale styling product, dust and all kinds of other gunk could be hiding in there and when you brush your locks, all those nasties will be transferred onto the strands making them feel dirty and greasy. Clean your hairbrush regularly to prevent this from happening. If your hairbrush is clogged with hair, it’s also important to remove it before you brush your hair. Greasy hair in your hairbrush will just transfer the old grease back onto clean hair making it instantly lank and unappealing.

Are You Using Incorrect Products?

One of the main culprits of greasy hair is incorrect hair products. All too often, women choose a styling product which isn’t compatible with their hair type and this weighs down the strands making them look lank and greasy. Choose a lightweight formula and always avoid products which promise moisture and shine. If you don’t have naturally dull or dry hair, these aren’t right for you.

Do You Have Product Build-Up?

Another common cause of greasy hair is a build up of styling products. These cause the strands and scalp to clog up, and look unattractive. If you’re keen to detox your locks, use a clarifying shampoo a couple of times per month or use a scalp exfoliator infrequently to improve the health of your hair.

Do You Have Hard Water?

If you live in a hard water area, it’s possible that hard water could be causing your greasy hair problem. You can have softer hair if you invest in a water filter for your shower and faucet as this will remove the TDSs from the water which cause hardness. You’ll be surprised by the difference it can make to your locks.

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