Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Wedding Venue

Hosting a wedding can be enough to cause an anxiety attack. It’s a massive logistical operation which requires careful coordination of several parties. You want everything to go off smoothly, your guests to have a good time and a wedding that everyone will remember for a lifetime. The wedding venue is an important part of this. The right wedding venue can make a lot of difference to the success of the party. So, take your time when selecting the right venue.

There are also some factors that you have to consider when selecting the venue. From picking somewhere close to the best places to stay near Rajkot Airport to the catering — every small factor can matter. Here are a few things you must consider:

Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Wedding Venue

1. Date

The first thing you have to do is fix the date. Popular venues get booked very fast. So, as soon as the date of the marriage is fixed, start looking at the venue. If it is well-known and popular, you may have to book well in advance. If it is not free at the time of the wedding and your heart is set on it, you may even have to change the date. It’s always better to keep a few options in hand, so that you have some choices here.

2. Style/theme

Today many people want their wedding to be as per a style or theme. There are many themes to choose from — Bollywood, traditional, royal, floral, rustic, classical and many more. This could also have some impact on the wedding venue. For instance, a forest wedding theme may be better held in a garden. But an ‘indoor garden’ theme can be managed within a closed venue like a banquet hall. If you have a wedding planner, check with them if your choice of venue is suitable for the wedding theme.

3. Proximity

Chances are that your guests are staying at best places to stay near Rajkot Airport. Your venue should be close to where you are hosting the wedding party. This will make coordination easy and smooth. It will also save on transportation costs. One of the most convenient location in this respect will be a hotel that has a banquet hall large enough for the wedding! You can host both the out-of-town guests and the wedding at the same location. This makes transportation and other logistics smooth and easy.

4. Size

Indian weddings are sizeable affairs. Most traditional wedding have guest lists that run into few hundreds. The venue must be able to accommodate the numbers. You don’t want your guests to feel overcrowded. Similarly, a small party will need a smaller venue. A large hall will make the numbers seem too small — not an impression you may want for a wedding. Since larger halls are charged at a higher rate, it will also mean an unnecessary expense.

Open venues like gardens have an advantage here. Because it’s an open space, you have the illusion of more area. A closed venue will feel more packed. It is not always possible to gauge the capacity of an area for an inexperienced eye. So, when booking the venue, be sure to ask its maximum capacity. Some venues offer you a choice of smaller and larger wedding halls/gardens. You can choose as per the number of expected guests.

5. Convenience 

The choice of venue could also depend on how hands-on you want to be. For instance, look among the best hotel near Rajkot Airport, which also have a banquet hall. Hotel venues offer a host of services that can significantly reduce your own effort. In-house catering, event managers and service staff are just some of the critical areas where a hotel venue wins hands down. With rooms on premises, you can book rooms for the wedding party as well. Hotels typically also have adequate parking space for large wedding parties.

6. Budget

The best venues are not cheap. So, budget could be a deciding factor. But do clarify everything that is included in the budget, such as parking space, food or other services. Some venues may charge extra for rooms on premises. Include every aspect when checking the budget. This will be a considerable amount. Hence, this must be clarified and agreed upon before you book the venue.

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