How to Be a Female Bodybuilder

Even though being a bodybuilder is typically much harder for women than men, lean and toned women are everywhere around us.

Their number is constantly rising and here is how you too can get into bodybuilding in a proper and efficient way.

The Basics – Location, Coach, Support

The first thing about becoming a good bodybuilder is the same for both sexes – locating a high quality gym. It should be relatively close to your home or work, so you can visit it as frequently as you wish since close proximity only enhances your desire for working out.

This gym should be equipped with all the necessary machines and also offer a suitable coach. Finding one should be top on your list of priorities because achieving a bodybuilder’s body is virtually impossible on your own. Finally, embarking on this journey with a close friend is always a good idea as group support can make a lot of difference, especially for women going into bodybuilding.

The Schedule

Once you have organized the basics regarding your working out, it is time to actually start doing some exercises and start getting your body into shape. Upon starting, you should stick to four trainings every week and focus solely on weighs. However, be sure not to overdo it and train too much! Your body needs a certain amount of time to recover and heal from intense training sessions, so rest and sleep are more important than you may think.

When deciding what to focus on during your training sessions, you can divide those four visit to the gym into two groups – dedicate the first and third session to your legs, biceps and back, and the second and fourth to triceps, shoulders and chest. Once you get into this rhythm, you will start noticing changes and improvements only after two or three weeks.

The Upgraded Schedule

After about eight to ten weeks of this type of training schedule, you should kick it up a notch. Start exercising more often and dedicate more time to all body parts. So, instead of four, try to find time for six training sessions every week and separate them in three groups – chest/triceps/shoulders, back/biceps and legs. Alternate each of these combinations two times per week and there are your six weekly gym visits.

By this time, you should already know what each workout session should look like and how you can achieve the highest volume. During first eight weeks, you should perform each exercise in three sets of ten to twelve repetitions. After a while, elevate this to five or six sets with heavier weights, but be sure to follow the instructions of your coach if you want to work out properly.

The Addition

Every bodybuilder needs some assistance from helpful products, which is why all of them have their favorite food supplements they rely on. These are taken before gym to boost their strength and after gym to relax their body and rebuild muscle fiber. In addition to that, women bodybuilders should try testosterone booster as well since it can help them get more energy and easier access to bigger body mass. Ultimately, be sure to take a lot of vitamins, fruits and vegetables and, of course, do not forget plenty of water!

The Results

When you are a woman, a life a bodybuilder may look too hard and difficult at first, while constant training and changes to your body look unattractive to some women. But, for the rest of them who want to look their best and achieve their full potential, bodybuilding is the thing to choose and the results you can achieve are highly rewarding.

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