How to Wear a Concealed Thigh Holster

How to Wear a Concealed Thigh Holster

A concealed thigh holster is one of the most popular concealed carry gun holster options. However, it can be a bit difficult to actually conceal the gun with this style of holster. So, how can you wear the holster in public without making others uncomfortable by seeing it? Below are some options both men and women with concealed thigh holsters can take advantage of.

Wear the Holster Under Shorts or Skirts

Wearing a concealed thigh holster comfortably and actually keeping it concealed is perhaps easiest in warm weather. If you are wearing loose shorts or a skirt that goes down to at least the knees, it should be easy enough to wear your thigh holster in a way that hides it from view. Depending on how long you plan on wearing the holster, you may want to invest in something to help with chafing. Using a baby powder before and moisturizer after can help to reduce chafing.

Wear a Long Jacket Over the Holster

If the weather is a bit cooler, then it is better to wear a long coat to conceal your weapon. It is important to note that a weapon is only considered to be concealed if it is worn in such a way that the average person would not be able to see it in passing. Of course, concealed carry laws vary by state, so it is always best to check your state’s laws to see what measures you need to take to legally be able to wear your gun in public. So, to make sure that your weapon is concealed, your jacket should be long enough to cover the entire holster. A jacket that goes down to your knees will likely be a perfect fit to cover your holster.

Wearing your gun in a way that others cannot see it is vital to keeping your weapon truly concealed. It can also help those around you to feel more comfortable. So, follow the above tips to wear your thigh holster, no matter the weather!

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