Is It Time To Have Your Insulation Evaluated?

Is It Time To Have Your Insulation Evaluated

It would be great if your home’s insulation could be trusted to stay the same from year to year, but the fact is that it often changes over time. Sometimes it is because the materials the original insulating material was made from begin breaking down, losing their effectiveness and sometimes their mass. Sometimes it’s because the local climate has shifted and it’s now warmer or cooler than it used to be. Even when your home’s insulation has remained robust, you may want to strengthen it to lower energy costs, especially if you use year-round climate control. After all, central cooling benefits from insulation just as much as central heating does.

Inspections and Evaluations

If you’ve been noticing drafts or it seems like you’ have to spend more to heat your home than you used to, it’s time to get a professional in to evaluate the state of your insulation. They can also provide you with estimates for different upgrades, so you can see what your options look like and what kinds of energy savings you are likely to realize. Today’s insulating materials cover a wider selection of options than ever before, too, from ecologically friendly home insulation that uses recycled materials to expanding spray foam that can be installed quickly, with a minimal cleanup time after. Your options for insulation Ann Arbor MI are wide, so make sure to find the team that fits your needs.

When Was Your Last Inspection?

Even if you don’t notice issues with heat loss during winter, it’s a good idea to get an evaluation every five or six years. That can help you spot any emerging issues, so you can insulate places that lose heat too quickly as needed instead of having to update the whole house at once. Maintenance can save a lot in the long run, after all.

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