Mountaineering Can Change Your Life in A Positive Way – Here’s How!

We all are looking for some sort of change in our life no matter how small or significant it is. At some point, we all end up seeking a fresh perspective that will give us a different take on things and it would eventually go on to make us feel better about ourselves. If you are out there looking for something that will change your life, then why not give mountaineering a shot?

Read on to know how you can benefit from climbing the world’s most famous mountains and how it can bring about a change in the way you live!

Makes You Fit

Let us tell you straight up that mountaineering isn’t something that you can just wake up one day and decide to do without any sort of preparation. It requires building incredible amounts of endurance, and strength both mentally and physically in order to accomplish what you set out to achieve. You need to be healthy and fit in order to exert yourself to climb and if you are someone who eats junk food then you’re going to have to improve your eating habits greatly.

Climbing and hiking demands great strength and only a proper diet will be able to give you the required amount of energy to successfully complete these activities. At greater altitudes, your lungs do double the work to supply appropriate level of oxygen to your system. When you repeatedly do this, it will greatly benefit your breathing capabilities.

A good physique, increased stamina and improved breathing – what else would you want!

Amazing Views

Who wouldn’t want to be blown away with the beauty of an amazing view? But if you plan to be a mountaineer, you will have to work just a tad bit harder to go to great heights (literally) and to take in the view that awaits you on top! Of course, the efforts required are more but the reward towards the end is worth it all. It takes great skill and time  to climb a mountain and we are talking about trekking at high altitudes for days at end which is enough to break the greatest of resolves.

But, the immense joy you will feel after completing that long hike all the way to the top has its rewards in the form of remarkable views wherever you look.

Making Friends

With the power of the World Wide Web at your fingertips, you can look up hiking and mountaineering clubs online who organise such expeditions and become and enthusiastic participant. Here, you will meet fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for climbing. Maybe you will find someone who is much more skilled than you are, someone who can give you tips on how mountaineering is done. You can draw inspiration from them to become better skill-wise and maybe you could do with a health tip or two and before you know it, you will befriend complete strangers. Meeting new people is a whole new experience so while you’re figuring out your way around climbing, get the best of both worlds!

Answering The Call

You will finally understand the great quote by John Muir – “The mountains are calling and I must go”. There is something magical about the beautiful mountain ranges. It could be the great risk involved or the way you feel about yourself after you reach the peak. When you reach the top, you will find that the time just stops and you forget everything behind, and it’s just you and the mountains. After spending some quality time at the summit, you will come back refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the world.

Gratitude, Patience and Persistence

Let’s be honest, climbing a mountain is not an easy task. If you have never attempted climbing in your life, let us tell you in advance that you will be exhausted down to your last bone. The continuous hike not only stresses you physically but tires you out mentally as well.  You’re bound to come across difficulties in your ascent but that is what will keep you going and strengthen your resolve that the risk is worth it. It’s the realisation that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it that will bring you true happiness.

Becoming Positive

Negative thinking is not going to help you in any way. No matter, how difficult you find the climb to be, a positive attitude will help you overcome your fear and give you the courage to follow through the task. Making it to the top will give your self-esteem a boost and you will realise that you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. You just have to take one step at time and before you know it, you will reach the top.

After climbing a mountain, you will be abuzz with new vigour and energy. You will start appreciating the small things in life, be thankful for everything and you will learn to overcome situations that life throws at you.

In a way, mountaineering will teach you about a lot of things. You can look forward to this amazing experience with close friends and family. You can organise a day out or even a stag do with the lads if you are looking for an unforgettable experience.

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