Orthodontic Treatment Liberated – Straight Teeth At Home

Straight teeth at home london takes orthodontic treatment to a new level, by liberating it from the clinic! Let’s look at your options for correcting misalignments with as few visits to the practice as possible!

Everyone is conscious about travelling particularly with restrictions coming and going but with flexible treatment options, this can be avoided and keep you safe.

Screening and suitability

It is very important when committing to an extensive procedure to seek out a professional who can provide you with an honest and well-informed opinion. Preferably one that provides initial consultations and oral scans free of charge. As well as modelling the possible change in a location of your teeth, this can also give you the clearest picture possible before you commit to any form of treatment.

What is treatment like?

If you would like to proceed with treatment, you will usually be given a set of aligners which is often 14 or more. These will be based on your initial oral scan and will be delivered directly to your home address. Each of these aligners will be unique, as well as the entire treatment process. By progressively moving from the first to the last aligner in the sequence, your teeth will be coaxed into their new positions. In many ways, this is similar to having braces but rather than the adjustments occurring every 6-weeks, each aligner is changed after 2 weeks. This makes each of these adjustments smaller if not more regular; most patients find this far more comfortable. This regularity of small adjustments is only possible because it can be done without having to book a session with an orthodontist, reducing the cost and streamlining treatment overall.

Clear aligners can be removed and replaced at any time but any prolonged gaps of not wearing them will adversely affect treatment, and may slow down the progress and can also provide the opportunity for your teeth to regress back to their starting positions. As the current location of your teeth and which aligner you are on is critical to the overall result in treatment, falling out of sync and forcing the need to restart can be time consuming and costly. It is recommended that you wear your aligners for 22 hours a day only removing them to eat and brush.

Dental monitoring via your phone!

Out of clinic treatment can be effective as it offers continued communication via an app or other means, allowing remote patients to stay in contact with experienced dental professionals who have developed the skills to practice all the dentistry remotely. This kind of monitoring involves taking clinically relevant photos of the inside of your mouth weekly and waiting for the team to respond with suggestions if needed.

Retainers – Keeping your gains

One of the more common complications in orthodontic treatment is the risk of reversion; this is caused by tendons which anchor the mid sections of the root to the jawbone. As tooth position is altered, these tendons come under tension. When an orthodontic tool is no longer forcing teeth to adopt a new position, the tendons can pull the teeth back to their original positions. This can be mediated with time and that is the role of a retainer, to keep your teeth in their new position until the tension dissipates.

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