Poor Window Maintenance Habits to Avoid

Poor Window Maintenance Habits to Avoid

Cleaning and maintaining your windows regularly can make them last even two decades. However, you also need to watch out for how you take care of them. In your attempt to keep them clean and maintain them, you might reduce their lifespan. Here are a few poor maintenance habits you need to avoid.

Using Wrong Cleaning Tools and Products

Cleaning your window is not that complicated. Simply get a microfiber cloth without any lint and fill a spray bottle with a mild cleaning solution. Then remove dust from the fabric and start spraying water as you wipe with another clean cloth. This will leave your windows sparkling. White Aluminum recommends using acetone if some stains are stubborn.

Keeping Windows unlocked

Locking your windows to your Florida rooms can help reinforce the seal between the weather stripping and the sash. This way, you eliminate drafts and reduce noise from outside. This is not to say that your windows should remain closed at all times. However, when you are not using them, it is better to lock them.

Cleaning Them on a Sunny Day

Just like you schedule home remodeling projects at the ideal time with contractors, you should also schedule time for cleaning the windows correctly. When you clean the windows when it is too hot, the heat causes the solution to dry up quickly, leaving unsightly streaks. This gives you extra work where you will have to clean over and over again. To avoid these, clean the windows when it is a bit cooler.

Leaving Window Coverings Down

Avoid leaving windows covered, especially during winter, as it can lead to trapping moisture in your home. Where moisture is trapped, what happens next is the growth of mold and mildew, which damages some home components such as patio doors.

Like any other component in your home, your windows can also get old and worn out, needing repair or replacement. However, maintaining them will add a few years on top and save you cash.

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