Seven Ways To Look After Your Air Conditioner

During summers, the scorching heat forces us to use the air conditioner throughout the day. Due to which the electricity bill also increases. Sometimes, it increases because of not looking after the air conditioner.

When the units of an air conditioner are dirty then the unit has to work extra harder to provide coolness. It also results in boosts electricity consumption. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we have curated down a blog. In this, we have mentioned down about seven-way you can look after your AC unit. To know more, keep scrolling.

1. Schedule a regular checkup for the AC

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Right before the summer, it is essential to schedule a regular checkup for the air conditioner unit for proper air conditioning throughout season. Ensure that it is being carried out by the HVAC professional. Remember, an expert will be able to identify the problem. He or she will let you know more about the serious problems that have taken place.

Alongside, they will also give you guidance related to the purchase of the AC unit. After the checkup, the specialists will fix the problem like refrigerants leaks and many other problems to make the unit run efficiently.

2. Keeping it Clean

The fins of your air conditioner unit are very important. Hence, to vacuum it regularly is required. By doing so, the AC will run effectively. One important point to consider while cleaning the fins is to do it very gently and with the bristle brush.

Considering how the fins are fragile, it is possible they will break easily. To do on your own unscrew the unit and lift up the metal box to clean the fins.

3. Air Conditioner Filters

When the air conditioner filters are not clean, then it happens there is a respiratory problem among the family members. Therefore to clean the filters or perhaps replace it with the new one, firstly switch off the unit. And then carefully remove the filters. If they are completely worn out then buy the new one so that the unit doesn’t have to work hard in giving coolness.

4. Dust and Vacuuming

Dust and vacuum are bound to pile up in the air conditioner. Thus, regular maintenance will help you in tackling the problem. Besides, A dirty filter will decrease the efficiency of AC.

If the filter still isn’t replaced then chances are your AC unit will stop working. It reduces the longevity of the air conditioner unit.

For someone who is allergic to the dust, should definitely get vacuumed.

5. Sinking AC Pad

There were the concrete pads under the AC unit. With the passage, the heat exchanger units settled over it. Remember as long as the copper coolant tubes, electrical lines, and of course, the unit stays dry and clean – no problem will arise.

Nevertheless, if there is water puddle around it or sinks it, pulled the lines tight – then it is an alert sign. You need to get it repaired as soon as possible to be certain your AC works in the right manner.

6. Controlling the Heat

As we already know that during summers, the excessive usage of AC rises up the electricity bill. For that reason, control the heat from entering your home through windows. This will increase the longevity of the AC. Besides, you can put on the shades or curtains to prevent the heat from entering into the rooms.

You can increase the temperature by day and gradually reduce it in the evening, as there might be cool air.

7. Wiring

Last but not least, check the wiring of the condensing unit. If you find leakage or any signs of burnt wire, overheating of the wires then immediately contact an HVAC specialist. Do not risk and depend on your skills. So, to repair your damage the expert will take the necessary steps.

The air conditioner is one type of investment where you have spent your hard-earned money. It has become a necessity especially during summer for coolness and the latest air conditioners will give you warmth. As a result, it is our responsibility to make sure the air conditioner works properly. In the above-mentioned blog, we have written down seven ways to look after the unit. Follow them and do let us know your thoughts on it.

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