Signs You Need to Replace Your Glass Doors & Windows

Signs You Need to Replace Your Glass Doors & Windows

Glass doors are becoming increasingly common in Indian homes. In a hot country like India, homes are built to stay cool and to cut out the sun’s glare. But with better quality glass, many of the cons have been removed and modern homes often features large glass windows and doors. This is a relatively newer design element that has proven to be a welcome change.

Glass doors also requires less maintenance than its alternatives. There is no need to paint or polish. It just needs regular cleaning. But glass does go bad wand, when that happens we have no choice but to replace the glass. You can get your it replaced by a reputed glass and glass door fittings manufacturer. But the question is when to do this? What signs should you look for when judging the condition of your glass door and window?

Here are some of the signs that indicate that it’s time for a change:

High Electricity Bills

In modern homes and offices windows have to be sealed properly to ensure that no air escapes. This is a necessary precaution in our interior spaces which have air conditioned cooling, without proper sealing the cold air from inside escapes. The cooling inside the room, hence, remains inadequate. Studies have shown that inefficient windows can raise our energy bills. If you see that your bills are consistently high and if there are no adequate reasons to explain this, its time to look at the state of your windows. A simple resealing can help you save on the bill. That’s why Constellation energy always recommends that you check your home’s electricity usage periodically to make sure the usage information on your Constellation bill matches your home’s meter usage.

Decaying Frames

This is usually the biggest reason for replacing windows. Glass can usually last for a long time, but the frame may not. This is especially true in case of wooden frames, which are bound to start rotting after sometime. This rooting wood can be home to microbes, mildew and other rot. Even metallic frames can rust. This is a dangerous scenario because it makes the wood weak and prone to break at the smallest accident. This can cause the glass to fall and break, a hazard for people living in the house. Keep checking the frame and change it as soon as you see signs of rot.

When The House Gets Drafty

One of the reasons we put up windows is to keep out any draft. In winters and in cold regions this is the most important function of a window. Doors and windows are the only two type of openings in a house from where air can come in. This is why we keep these openings closed tightly when its cold and airy outside. If you can still feel the draft inside the house, it means that these are not working properly. You can touch the glass inside to see how cold it is. Do you find it drafty when you stand next to the window? In most cases you can feel the wind coming in through the cracks in the sealing. In such case you can just ask a glass door fittings specialist to rework the sealing.

Change In Style

Replacing a window may become necessary of you are thinking of changing the overall style of your home. If you have a traditional home with wooden frames, you may want to adapt a more sleek style with metallic frames and simple glass panes. You may even want to broaden your glass doors and windows, such as adding French windows. In fact, this is becoming a trend as many people switch to this comparatively more contemporary look.

Damaged Glass

A damages, cracked or broken glass means that you need to replace the glass immediately. Damaged glass means that the cooling or heating in your house will remain inefficient, since the air has a way of moving in and out. It is also a security hazard. Even a small crack can easily break the glass with little effort. There is also the danger of the jagged glass edges, especially hazardous if you have small children in the house.

Operational Problems

If the window or door has operational problems — such as the hinges not working properly or the lock getting jammed, call a glass door fittings manufacturers. You can find new and more efficient solution to your problem. Do not delay because operational problems can affect your security.

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