Taking Your Oral Hygiene to New Heights

Taking Your Oral Hygiene to New Heights-min

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all starting to better understand how important our oral health is and that the long-term health of our teeth is very much in our own hands. That being said, with our social media feeds filling us with new top tips and dental trends daily, it’s hard to decipher which trends to take up and which to throw in the trash. So, here are some pearls of wisdom on oral hygiene and what you could do that will really make your dentist Nottingham smile with pride at your stunning gnashers.

The Basics

You probably know it all (hopefully), but just in case, let’s review the very basics to check whether you’re up to date.


This is, of course, very minimal. Brushing isn’t just a quick scrub left and right, swill and spit; the process is actually something to consider, and there are certain practices to follow.

Always brush for two minutes, and try to divide the time equally between each half of your jaws; 30 seconds for the top left, top right and so on. To begin with, you could even set 30-second timers on your phone.

When you brush, cover the whole area of the tooth going 360°, not just the front! The back of your teeth is likely where all the plaque builds up.

Check your motion; don’t just brush back and forth. You should make circular motions to pull out the grit from the teeth and gums.


Let’s be honest, we all avoid this. Flossing is something that gets done perhaps once a week or so, but really, it should be done EVERY DAY! Flossing is the only way to remove the dirt lurking deep down in the gum lines.

The Flourish

Okay, so there are a few tools you can add to your kit if you want to ensure a super duper clean.

Interdental Brushes

I introduce you to these handy little tools with caution because although they are excellent at removing debris between the teeth, they are sometimes misused as a replacement for flossing. This is ineffective since the floss thread can go deeper between teeth for a better clean.

Tongue Scraping

This is a personal favourite. Tongue scraping is an ancient practice used to take off the top layer of the tongue; when I say “top layer”, I just mean the build-up of bacteria that can sometimes occur on the tongue’s surface. If you have suffered from bad breath, then tongue scraping could be a game-changing practice for you. You’ll need to purchase a tongue scraper and spend a little time learning about the practice and getting the technique right, but the rest is actually just bizarrely therapeutic.


Fluoride has had a bad reputation in the past, but if used in the right quantities, it can really help support the natural development of enamel. Fluoride can be found in mouthwashes and certain types of toothpaste, but consult your dentist on which products suit you.

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