Tips for Evaluating Job Offers

Tips for Evaluating Job Offers

Whether you are searching through want ads or online job postings or using local recruiting agencies, such as recruitment agencies Boston, you will eventually be offered a position. When you get that job offer, you may feel your stress melt away, but your job isn’t done. You need to be sure that the job is really what you want and need.

Take a Second Look

Look over your offer letter carefully before you accept the job. Learn whether you will be traveling and how often, who your manager is and whether your job has a probationary period. Is the position temporary or permanent?

Not only do you need to reread the offer letter, but you should also reread the job description and requirements. You want to be sure that you can do the job successfully. If the skill requirements are outside your current abilities, ensure that the company provides adequate training.

Employer Research

You don’t want to accept a job and then learn that your employer is in financial or legal trouble. Research the company’s social media, and pay particular attention to the public’s postings and opinions. Search for recent news stories and review their annual reports to learn about their current projects and future prospects.

You may also speak with current and past employees about the corporate culture. You want to be sure you will fit in and feel comfortable.

Review the Benefits

Your employer will offer you a salary and benefits package. Check to see whether the salary is comparable to the salary offered to others in your position. Make sure that the salary is fair for the job requirements and can support you and your family.

Now, research your benefits package. Were you only offered typical benefits, such as leave, 401K contribution and health insurance? What about other perks, such as company computers and cellphones, pensions, incentives and tuition reimbursement?

Make a pro-con list to ensure the position will move you toward your career goals. Don’t hesitate to ask for help with your evaluation.

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