Tips For Remodeling An Awkwardly Shaped Bathroom

Do you have wonderful plans for your bathroom remodel but they’re all being spoiled by the room’s awkward shape? If your bathroom just refuses to cooperate due to issues like alcoves, sloping ceilings and awkwardly placed windows, and you’re finding it difficult to get your essential fittings into the space here are some top tips to help you make your room work!

Working With The Space You Have

You can’t do much about a bad bathroom layout, so the best option for you is to make your existing space work to your advantage. Your bathroom isn’t going to be a perfect square, so banish the ideas of the perfect-shape bathroom and instead focus on the positives. An awkward space can actually make the room more interesting as well as more unique when you use them to your advantage.

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Work With Your Walls

The main issue with an unconventionally shaped bathroom is how to work with your walls, particularly if they’re at different angles. You’ll need to prioritize your fixtures and fittings, but there are ways to free up space. Use underfloor heating instead of a heated towel rail or radiator and think about the best places to place your essential bathroom fixtures to suit the shape of the room.

Think About Your Doors

If your bathroom is awkwardly proportioned and small in size, you might want to think about what kind of door you choose. A standard hinged door might just not work for you if it encroaches on your space too much or won’t leave room for your essentials. Of course, you’re going to need a door of some kind if you’re going to retain your privacy (which is always vital in a bathroom!) but consider using a folding or sliding door instead. These will maximize your floor space while still giving you the essential privacy that you require.

Minimalism Is Key

A good way of getting around the design issues of your awkwardly proportioned bathroom is to choose a minimalist look. Eliminate the bathtub and go for a simple shower unit or even turn the space into a wet room for a spa-like minimalist look. If you have a little more room, a shower/bath enclosure is a more compact solution to a separate shower and bathtub. A corner toilet is another good way to maximize your space. You can get more details here about how to choose the right one to suit your inconvenient bathroom.

Coping With A Sloped Ceiling

If your bathroom has normal proportions but a sloped ceiling, you may experienced just as many issues as if your space had angled walls. This is particularly true if you or your family members are above average height. The best way to cope with sloping ceilings is to put the bathtub under the lowest area of your ceiling. Since you lie down or sit in your bathtub, you won’t need a lot of room over the tub itself. The remainder of your space will then be freed up, allowing you to place your shower enclosure in the area of the room with the highest ceiling.

Accessorize Your Alcoves

If your bathroom has awkward nooks, crannies and alcoves it can be easy to feel despondent about what you’re going to do with them. However, they can actually be a brilliant asset to your room. Alcoves are an ideal place to put shelves where you can store towels and toiletries in a convenient, out of the way location. If you don’t need any more storage in your bathroom, instead why not turn your nooks, crannies and alcoves into a design feature? By adding a few accessories like artwork or vases of flowers together with a well-placed spotlight, your awkward bathroom can get a creative and exciting design life.

Although having an awkwardly shaped bathroom might present itself as an unwelcome problem when you’re redecorating and renovating your home, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be a major issue if you’re prepared to be creative and work with what you have in place. By choosing the right fixtures and fittings and the right placement of all your essentials, you’ll find that your bathroom could become the most attractive room of your home.

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