Why Do Straight Teeth Matter

Even though straight teeth do wonders to create a dazzling-looking smile, that is not all there is to having an aligned dental arch. Anyone looking to straighten their teeth can expect a whole host of highly desirable benefits.

Most people are only aware of the aesthetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, so it comes as a pleasant surprise to find out how life-changing it is to straighten teeth. In addition to transforming awkward smiles, orthodontic solutions help to enhance dental function and provide health, social as well as psychological benefits.

Whereas once not so long ago adult orthodontic patients would have struggled to come to terms with embarking on an orthodontic treatment plan, the arrival of modern teeth straightening appliances like InvisalignFulham has made treatment much more appealing. The forward-thinking orthodontic system that took the form of barely distinguishable removable aligner-like trays has transformed the smiles of 12 million patients around the world to date.

Pay-offs of orthodontics on health and wellbeing

No matter if the aim of teeth straightening is to manipulate teeth into a more ideal position or align the dental arches to improve bite or correct overcrowding, there are a plethora of health-focussed benefits to enjoy.

Improved dental function is the first benefit of orthodontics that can prove life-changing. Pain, headaches, inability to eat properly and problems sleeping are some of the common symptoms that people experience due to orthodontic issues. Wearing braces can help improve the way teeth come together to alleviate pain and improve masticatory function. The health benefits to dental health also extend to include reducing unnecessary wear and tear on teeth, aiding in preservation of jawbone quality and reducing the risk of injury to teeth.

Next to improved dental function, in relation to oral health benefits, is better oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene is particularly essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It is only when teeth are in proper alignment and evenly spaced out in the dental arch, that one can clean the mouth properly. Crooked or overcrowded teeth are notorious for trapping food particles and because teeth are harder to clean, this oral situation creates the perfect environment for bad bacteria to thrive and threaten dental health.

Good oral hygiene offers benefits to general health and wellbeing too, which is why orthodontics should be made a priority when teeth are crooked or crowded. Clean teeth greatly lower the risk of bad bacteria becoming an overwhelming force and threatening vital life organs, such as the heart and lungs, by entering the bloodstream. Research studies have linked bad bacteria responsible for gum disease to exacerbating complications with cardiovascular problems, lung infections and make the management of diabetes that much more challenging.

More and more patients are turning to orthodontics to give them the confidence to smile sunny smiles. And smiling in its own right offers many more undeniably positive outcomes including boosting happiness and positivity, lowering stress levels, boosting the immune system and offering pain relief.

The rewards derived from orthodontic treatment have the potential to last a lifetime. Just the confidence gained alone can put one on the path to live a gratifying life, and without it, it is likely that one remains bound by self-imposed social exclusion. Not to mention the financial repercussions when securing a job becomes just that little more difficult.

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