Why Visit The Dentist?

Many people put off going to see the dentist in Tunbridge Wells. They don’t see it as a priority, especially if they don’t consider themselves to have any issues with their oral health.  However, it is important to make regular appointments for check-ups. These help the patient to keep their gums and teeth in good condition and to spot any issues before they become problematic.

Keeping clean

The dentist can have a look at the teeth and gums to check if they are being cleaned properly. If this is not the case, then they can give advice on the best possible brushing techniques and products to use. During a check-up, the patient can have their teeth cleaned professionally by either the dentist or hygienist. This helps to remove any plaque or debris that has been difficult to reach. This clean can also help the teeth to look whiter and brighter by removing stains that are hard to conquer with manual brushing.

Identifying issues

One of the biggest advantages of seeing a dental professional on a regular basis is that issues can be spotted before the patient may even be aware of them. For example, the earliest signs of gum disease (also known as gingivitis) can be identified and treated before any progression is made. If gum disease is not found and addressed in the early stages, it can then develop into periodontitis. At this point, the jawbone of the patient is deteriorating and they are likely to start discovering that they have loose teeth. They may even end up with missing teeth over time.

Gum disease can have a significant impact on all areas of a person’s health. There are studies which have shown that it increases the likelihood of developing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis and more. Therefore, regular appointments with the dentist can be beneficial for the health of the whole body.

Regular dental check-ups can also help to identify serious illnesses such as cancer. Oral cancer is not always obvious, especially in its earliest stages. A good dentist is able to spot the signs and take action that can help prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.

Setting a good example

Children who see their parents making the effort to see their dentist regularly are more likely to adopt this habit themselves as young people and adults. Parents who model good oral health by having check-ups and taking good care of their teeth and gums can help their children to lead healthier lives.

While making appointments to have regular check-ups with the dentist can seem like an unnecessary inconvenience, it is vital to do so for good health. The mouth is quite literally the gateway to the rest of the body, so it makes sense that taking good care of it will help a person to remain healthy. If any issues are resolved in the early stages, it is likely that less treatment will be needed, meaning less time and money spent for the patient as well as better health.

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