You Are Inhaling What? Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better

If you are considering making the transition from traditional cigarettes to the new style electronic cigarettes, then one of the most important factors that you will be concerned with is the safety aspect. Before trying anything new, it’s highly recommended that you take time to find out whether the electronic cigarettes are right for you but in terms of safety, they beat the traditional cigarettes hands down.

Why electronic cigarettes are better, Why e cigarettes are better

Of course as a smoker you know all about the harmful aspects of smoking. How can you not? Everywhere you look there are advertising slogans announcing that smoking kills. You switch on the TV and hear a report about how smoking causes cancer, heart problems and increases the aging process rapidly. It’s all doom and gloom but as there are over 4000 harmful chemicals within the cigarettes that you smoke currently, it may be important to establish just what you are currently inhaling which will no doubt make you rush out and buy an electronic cigarette starter pack.

Within your traditional cigarettes, is a substance called ammonia. It’s found in dry cleaning fluids and toilet cleaners and within a cigarette, helps you to absorb more nicotine and therefore fuels your addiction. You will also find acetone which is essential nail polish remover and formaldehyde used as embalming fluid to preserve those who have died. It is known to cause respiratory, gastrointestinal problems and cancer.

In addition, you have tar and this is drawn into your lungs when you inhale on your cigarette and approximately 70 % of the tar is deposited into your lungs. Cigarettes also contain Benzene which is a pesticide and petrol additive. It’s actually obtained from petroleum and coal and used in chemical manufacture amongst other things. It is known to be linked to leukaemia. Arsenic –used in rat poison and Lead Paint which is highly toxic and can damage your brain, cause vomiting and stunts your growth are all included in each and every cigarette that you inhale. In addition, you also inhale carbon monoxide and if this sounds familiar, yes, it’s the same poisonous gas that emits from a car exhaust and this gas is formed when you light your cigarette.

These are just some of the chemicals that are contained within a traditional cigarette and as you can see, there really is no gain to continuing smoking when you are inhaling these toxic and seriously dangerous carcinogens.

By comparison, the electronic cigarette is a golden example of safety and is renowned for its greater health benefits. To start with, it contains none of the above chemicals but many do contain nicotine. Electronic cigarettes have been designed to give a full smoking experience, from the taste and flavour to the social benefits that most smokers enjoy. The design is simplistic too. You don’t need a lighter, it’s electronic after all and to get it started, you simply need to inhale through the mouthpiece and hey presto. There is a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge all concealed within exterior tubing. The cartridge contains the e-liquid and as you inhale, you get a purer shot of nicotine. Many smokers have said that they smoke less as a result because the nicotine hit is instant.

If you are planning on giving up smoking but are reluctant to simply cut out cigarettes, the electronic cigarette can be a great tool to do just that. Because you do not need to smoke a whole cigarette (as you would when you light a traditional cigarette) you simply inhale what you need and then put the electronic cigarette away. Gradually you can reduce the amount of nicotine that you take and if you still wish to enjoy the smoking experience, could purchase one of the non-nicotine versions that are available in the market place.

Electronic cigarettes are all about choice. They are not there to encourage new smokers but to afford a healthier alternative so that your body can start weaning off nicotine (if you so wish) and to start healing after the onslaught of all of the chemicals within those traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are your safest option as a smoker.

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