Your Not A Foodie Unless You Have These In Your Kitchen

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? If so, there are some kitchen essentials which you won’t want to be without. While you almost certainly have everything you need to master the basics – pots, pans, spatulas and cake pans – but do you have everything you need to whip up a gourmet feast that MasterChef candidates would be proud of?

Here are just a few of the top items for keen chefs of all types. If you invest in some or all of these, you’ll find that you have items that you never knew you needed but which could make an enormous difference to your food preparation experience.

A Quality Knife Set

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Any foodie knows that knives are a very important tool. You need them to fit properly in your hand and to have excellent balance and weight. You only need them to be made from high quality polished stainless steel which has been ground to the perfect finish. If you have a quality knife set, you’ll have the perfect cutting tool for every occasion. While you’re choosing a quality knife set, make sure to choose a good quality knife sharpener too so that they can stay sharp and perform to their best every time. It’s definitely something worth buying.

A Gluten Sensor

This is an unusual kitchen gadget but it’s an essential one of you’re preparing food for friends with a gluten intolerance. Buy a portable gluten sensor which will test food samples to ensure that there isn’t anything in your dishes that could harm your friends or loved ones. The best machines are 96.9% accurate and help you to make more informed food choices.

A Popcorn Maker

Although it may not be the most classy gadget on the market today, any foodie will love the convenience of a popcorn maker and it will allow them to try all kinds of unusual and interesting sweet and savory toppings. There’s no faster way to whip up some delicious gourmet snacks for friends and family every time you host a dinner party. The best models even come with some recipe ideas so that you can try out some exciting suggestions you might never have thought of.

A Sous Vide Machine

If you’ve ever watched MasterChef, you’ll be well aware of the benefits of sous vide cooking – the ultimate kitchen tool to ensure culinary success. Sous vide cooking works by submerging food which has been sealed into a plastic bag into a bath of water then turning up the temperature to a precise level. This will ensure even cooking every time and meals that are served to restaurant standards.

A Quality Coffee Machine

No dinner party is complete without a delicious cup of steaming hot coffee, so choose a high quality coffee machine that takes your favorite beverage from bean to cup. Choose one of the most cutting edge app-operated machines for a really impressive piece of equipment that is sure to impress your guests and which will produce coffee of a consistently high quality.

A Fridge Cam

If you’re tired of trying to work out which items you’re running short of in your fridge, it’s time to invest in the fridge cam. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pick up some essential milk while you’re at the store or not being sure whether or not you have any butter left when you reach the supermarket, picking up a couple of packs and then realizing that you have three already in there! A fridge cam solves this problem. The wireless camera lets you see exactly what you still have in your fridge through your smartphone screen so that you’ll never buy anything unnecessary. Each time you open the door of your fridge, the fridge cam will take a photograph and then send it to the smartphone so you’ll always be able to see instantly what you require and what you don’t need. You’ll never waste food again.

These are just some of the essentials that you should make sure to have in your kitchen if you consider yourself to be a foodie. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to prepare restaurant quality meals without them!

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