7 Tips to Develop Eye-Catching Store Signage Design

An eye-catching sign design is critical to making your business stand out and increasing sales. But not all signs are created equal.

To develop an efficacious sign, it’s essential to consider your character’s location. You want to place it near a customer’s primary point of purchase so they can easily see and read it.

Use Contrast

Contrast is a design principle that organizes your visual space while adding interest and appeal. You can use contrast to highlight a focal point in your design, create a hierarchy, and spice up boring layouts.

One of the most effective ways to add contrast is through color. Playing lighter and darker colors off of each other is a great way to bring focus to the main elements of your store signage design.

For example, using black text on a yellow background or white text on a red background can make your message stand out and improve readability. This will help your viewers pay attention to your sign; even better, they’ll be able to read it from a distance!

Similarly, contrast media is used in medical imaging tests like x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs to help the images come out clearer. In addition to enhancing the quality of the image, it can also help you, and your doctor finds abnormal areas in the body.

It’s essential to consider the location of your storefront when developing eye-catching sign design because it can impact your visibility and customer traffic. Choosing a sign placed too high, or out of sight will reduce your store’s visibility and may not catch the attention of passersby.

Make It Easy to Read

A well-designed sign is simple to read and easy to understand, which can help draw attention to your business and make it more appealing. Choosing large, bold letters for your copy and simple graphics can help ensure the message on your sign is clear.

Another critical element of a well-designed sign is the font and background color contrast. This helps customers scan the information on the sign easily and quickly, making it easier for them to understand your brand.

Creating a hierarchy on your signs is essential, ensuring the most crucial information is placed first and that less-important details follow. This will make it easier for potential customers to understand your brand, which can be an essential step in the sales process.

A good rule of thumb is that a sign should have 30%-40% of the area uncovered by text and graphics. This can include both color and white space. When a design is too crowded, it can be challenging for people to read the information, leading to a lower conversion rate.

Keep It Simple

Eye-Catching store signage design should include clear, concise language that is easy to read and understand. This helps people quickly and effectively get the information they need to purchase.

While it’s tempting to overdo it and add all kinds of text, images and other details to an eye-catching sign, it’s best to focus on the key elements that will help a customer determine whether or not they want to engage with your business.

Developing eye-catching store signs is a great way to set your brand apart from competitors and encourage potential customers to purchase. In addition, a well-designed and placed sign can reduce a customer’s search costs—the amount of time they spend researching a product or service before deciding to buy.

The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle is a helpful guideline for designing and developing any system or product. It’s essential in the early stages of a project when the goal is to create low-fidelity iterations before investing a lot of money into a fully realized design.

Make It Fun

Eye-catching store signage is one of the essential elements in attracting new customers to your business. A great sign will immediately impact people who see it and can influence their opinions about your brand.

To develop eye-catching store signage, it’s essential to consider your brand image and how to communicate that with the design. For example, if your business is upscale and professional, you may opt for a metal sign with dimensional lettering.

In contrast, if your business is fun, quirky and wacky, you may want to use humor and clever wordplay to attract potential customers.

Another essential tip when developing eye-catching store signage is to keep it simple. A simple design with large, bold fonts and easy-to-read graphics will make it easy for customers to understand what you are trying to convey.

Color selection is also an essential part of eye-catching store signage. Bright, bold contrasting colors are easy to read and are good choices for making your sign stand out. However, you should avoid using harsh, aggressive colors like shades of neon, which are difficult to look at. Instead, choose warm, bright colors that project the overall feeling you want to exude.

Make It Attention-Grabbing

Signs can help customers find your store, tell them about promotions or special sales, and introduce them to new products. They can also improve wayfinding and protect people from injury, ensuring customers have a positive shopping experience.

Using colors, fonts and imagery cement brand identity in shoppers’ minds and sets your business apart from competitors. For instance, Target uses bold red and black colors throughout their stores, establishing a distinctly modern identity that draws customer attention.

Another great way to make your signs stand out is to use contrast in the design. A dark background with light text will grab the eye and make it easier for people to read.

Aside from creating visual contrast, you can use hierarchy in your signage design to ensure that customers read the right thing. Larger fonts and symbols should be placed first, followed by more minor characters and images.

In addition, you can make your design more appealing by adding white space to it. This will create a cleaner, more professional look that will draw the attention of customers and prospects. The more engagement your store signage gets, the more likely your customers will be to come back and buy again!

Keep It Clean

Eye-catching signs can be a big part of a successful business branding strategy. They can provide a company with a significant competitive edge while influencing consumer brand perception.

For starters, keeping your signage clean and in good repair is essential. Dirty or outdated signs can be challenging to read, leading to lost business and frustrated customers. It is also good to periodically update your characters with relevant information, such as emergency instructions, building rules and regulations, and out-of-order equipment.

Investing in a professional cleaning service is the best way to get your sign to look as good as new. This will save you the hassle of trying to do it yourself. In addition to keeping your signage in top shape, periodic cleaning can make your store more welcoming for visitors. It also makes your store safer for customers and employees by avoiding accidents due to dirty floors and surfaces.

Make It Relevant

A key aspect of developing eye-catching store signage design is to make it relevant. You’ll want to consider the demographics of your target customers and how they respond to different signs.

A sign irrelevant to a person will likely have no impact on their decision to shop at your business. For example, a sign that promises free samples may be of no value to a customer who needs to buy something before the promotion is over.

In addition to the type of fonts and colors you choose, you’ll also want to think about how easy it is for customers to read your signs from a distance. This is especially important for characters placed outdoors in locations with a lot of traffic.

Ideally, you’ll choose fonts that are easy to read and use large letters for the text. This will ensure that people can understand the information they’re reading from a distance and keep your signs eye-catching.

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