How to Attract and Keep Customers for a Small Business

If you have a small business it is unlikely that you will want to pay for marketing experts or your budget for them is not that big and shiny. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need help with attracting and keeping the customers and new clients. It is very important that you have returning customers, sometimes even more than having new ones.

However, here are some tips and tricks on how to make all those people come to you and choose your company over every other one that deals with the same products or service.

Build the Trust

It has been proven many times that the word of the mouth and the satisfied customers are the best advertisement there is. Therefore, it is not hard to conclude just how important it is to make the customers happy and to have them come back to you. Customer relations, good products and feedback are essential for this. Also, complimentary discounts, loyalty cards and similar perks are what shows the clients that you care about keeping them.

If you have complaints, you need to make sure that they are resolved quickly and efficiently and with the least amount of trouble for the customer, possible. Announce new products to them, include them into test groups and give them the advantage of trying it out first. Make your customers feel respected.

Be Known for Good

Your local community is the place to start. It is important that you make yourself associated with good things and with positive things. These involve charity programs, eco-friendly initiatives, neighborly activities and similar events. Host the events, sponsor them, make yourself involved in the community and once you gain the trust of people who live and work beside you, you will have time and the means to spread the word winder as you will already have a good base for it.

Online Presence

A lot of people today choose to find what they need online. Therefore, having a company without a website, Facebook, Twitter and other social network pages is impossible and just bad business. You need to update those and you also need to include a blog there that will be visited by people and where you will be in constant touch with your customers, old and new.

If you think that you will not be good at this, it is best that you hire professionals that run your social networks, write content for you and make you ever-present online while you are out there keeping the business running for real and solving problems that are more in your domain.image 2

Target Group Marketing

In order to have a good response from the future and past clients, you need to pinpoint the type of people that respond the most to your product or the service. Figure out the gender and the age range and then send the message to that group in the most efficient and the most convenient way for them. For example, you cannot expect for the older people to know about you if your advertisement is on the leaflets that are given out at the malls and trendy restaurants. Make sure that they get their information about you on a local TV station in the middle of the day or through their Sunday papers.

Figure out the most convenient way to approach them and they will respond in the correct manner. Figuring out your target group is the half of your marketing efforts.


Regardless of your target group, every each one of those groups loves getting things for free. However, on the other hand, nobody likes getting just anything and nobody likes junk. Therefore, the right merchandise is very important as much as your logo on it. For example, an amazing idea is to have some cool umbrellas ready for the rainy days and give them out in case of a sudden downpour. Print out something like ‘Always there when you need us the most’ and put your logo on them. You will definitely be remembered.

Be seen, create an image of a friendly brand and live up to the expectations. When you add respect for the clients to that equation, you are bound to succeed.

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