5 Spring Essentials For 2018

Okay ladies..!! Spring is here and it’s all about playing with colours this time. In today’s blog we are going to discuss the ‘5 Spring Essentials’ which you need to keep in mind before you step out. So let’s get to work..!!

1. Fashion

It is going to be a mixed weather out there (hot days and chilly evenings), so you have got to dress up accordingly. You can play with colours like corals, pastels, neons and also softer shades like peach, nude and lighter shades of pink. For a day out you can go for colourful rompers or even floral dresses. You can also play with colourful T-shirts and team them up with torn denim.

Also, don’t forget to keep a shrug, a light jacket or a nice floral stole handy to keep you safe from the chilly wind. For evenings, this spring you can go for knitted sweaters of different patterns and team them up with leather or check skirts, denim shorts or even check pants.

TIP: Nude is the new black.

2. Footwear

It’s a good time of the year to wear some nice chunky colourful shoes. This season you can go for neon ballerina’s or a cute pair of wedges or even a nice pair of flat sandals, which are super comfortable and they come in various styles too. Also, do try a pair of studded ballerina’s, they look chic and will go with anything.

TIP: Wear comfortable shoes.

3. Accessories

Accessories are really important to complete a look. You can either go for some nice neck pieces or a cute pair of earrings. You can also add some statement bracelets. Also, you can go for nice totes to match up your look or a nice scarf to go with it.

Don’t forget to keep your sunglasses this season as the sun is going to be out there and they might just come handy. Also to add a little detail to your look, you can go for rings and pair them accordingly. Also, if you’re not in a mood to use accessories, you can always use a good hat or a cap to complete your look.

TIP: Keep it subtle. Keep it stylish.

4. Makeup

Since the climate is changing, you need to change a few things in that makeup kit of yours. You’re going to sweat more in comparison to winters, so make sure you choose the right product. Also, you can use BB creams as they act as a primer and a coverage base.

Keep your makeup light and soft. On the other hand, go crazy on the nail paints. Buy some good pastel colours. Use colours like yellow, green, mint(especially), neon pink. Also use shades of soft pink and nude for your lips.

TIP: Try different colours. Go crazy.

5. Skincare

It’s important to take care of your skin if you want to look good. A happy skin makes you feel good from within. You’ll have to take extra care of your skin with the climate changing. Make sure you use good makeup products that compliment your skin tone.

Also, never go to bed without removing your makeup, your skin needs to breathe too. Keep a nice body mist in your handbag along with a good sunblock. Also keep a good lip balm in your handbag to prevent chapping.

TIP: Drink loads of water.

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